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What to do When Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strike In Dark Blue SkySpring is Here. Soon torrential rains will visit us almost daily in Sarasota. Florida is the nation’s leader in lightning strikes, so make sure both you and your home are safe before the storms begin. Wentzel’s can help protect your whole home from power surges by adding surge protection to the main panel. This protection allows enough energy to flow into your home to power your electronics without permitting the large spikes in power that can cause damage. Putting your high-tech devices on surge protectors is a great additional layer of protection, but whole home surge protection is the most effective method against external and internal surges.

In addition to protecting your home from lightning strikes, be sure to remember these tips for keeping you and your family safe as well:

1. Go Indoors!

The safest place you can be during a thunderstorm is inside. Make sure to get in a secure building or a hard-topped metal vehicle. Remember, if you can hear thunder, you’re in danger.

2. Don’t be the Tallest Object in the Area

Avoid being out in the open or close to isolated tall objects, such as utility poles and trees. These objects can attract lightning and injure you if you are too close.

3. Stay Away from Metal and Qater

Steer clear of electrical conductors such as metal wiring or fences as well as any size body of water. These conductors can carry electrical energy for long distances and be dangerous even if you do not see the lightning strike it.

4. Take Acton Quickly

People are often struck because they wait too long before taking action during a storm. If you are outdoors, or especially if you are leading an outdoor activity, make the decision to go inside early and move quickly.

Keep your home safe, keep your family safe. To have whole home surge protection installed, please call Wentzel’s Heating, and Air Conditioning, Electrical, & Insulation at 941-203-4652.

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