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Heating System Repair and Maintenance

Even though winters in Florida are fairly mild occasionally the weather dips low enough that you need your heating system to operate efficiently. This is particularly true in single family homes which do not have the benefit of shared walls you see in condominiums and apartment buildings. Our heating system technicians are well trained and provide excellent service.

24 hours per day, 7 days a week Emergency repairs are also available. Call us anytime, 24 hours a day. Someone will talk with you and get a repair person out as soon as possible.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

Heat Pump Maintenance and RepairHeat pumps work in a different way in winter than they do in summer. To prevent surprises when a cold snap hits have your unit inspected in the fall. If your bill is suddenly high in winter your heat pump may be using auxiliary heating when it doesn’t need to. Auxiliary heating is a simple electric circuit which includes a resistance heater (strip heater) which supplements the heat generated by the compressor. Auxiliary heating is normally not necessary unless you make a dramatic change on your thermostat which forces the unit to work harder than during static conditions OR if you have set your thermostat to emergency heating accidentally.

Heating Coil Maintenance and Repair

Heating Coil Maintenance and RepairSometimes referred to as a fan coil unit the heating coil is the same coil as the cooling coil. It must be clean and free of dust or hair to function well. If you hear noises coming from your fain coil unit it should be inspected as soon as possible. If you hear loud noises turn off the heat using your thermostat, be sure to set the fan to Auto and call us immediately.

Gas Furnace Maintenance and Repair

Furnace Maintenance and RepairSome homes have matched system heating and cooling systems. In some of these systems a gas furnace is an essential component providing efficient heating by generating the maximum amount of heat with the minimum amount of gas. Gas furnaces have special control systems which need to be operating perfectly for safety and efficiency.