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Upgrading your Electrical for Your Upgrades

Integrated Wiring for your Home

Over the last few years, you may have upgraded your tech- a smart TV, new sound system, or maybe even a projector. You may have even upgraded your wi-fi to accommodate these new devices. However, you may also need to upgrade your home wiring as well. 

In order to keep all theses systems running smoothly, experts recommend an integrated network. This consolidates all the wiring each supporting a different device or service- through a central hub from which the wires run to each room. This solution frees you from the inconvenience of needing multiple jacks in one place in order to support high-end devices. 

Integrated systems, also know as “home-run” wiring, replaces daisy-chain wiring, allowing you to connect all TVs to one Blu-ray player, all computers to a single printer- or each other for gaming, support whole-house audio, and much more.

It is important to note that even with all the proper equipment, WiFi has it’s limitations. A true smart home requires Structured wiring. Smart home devices function better if they are able to be hardwired through Ethernet and coaxial cables and a hub. This requires Category 5 or Category 6 cables for carrying data. Structured wiring provides better network speed, configurability, and signal quality.

Homes not built with Structured wiring can be retrofitted to support these systems. Even if you plan to utilize WiFi and Bluetooth for smaller devices, Structured wiring can relive the burden of a home theater system or any other large data connection. If your home is going to include automation in the next several years, integrated systems and Structured wiring may be an important first step. 

For a consultation on upgrading your home’s electrical, contact Wentzel’s Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical, & Insulation. 

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