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Air Conditioner Freezing During Summer

As you are cooling down, your air conditioner may cool too much and actually freeze. During summer, we use out air conditioning more than at any other point in the year and it can easily tax the system. AC Freezing should not be taken lightly because it can lead to poor function of the unit and when the ice melts, it can cause flooding or water damage in the house. 

ice on glass windowCauses for and solutions to freezing air conditioners: 

Cause: This can happen if there is not sufficient airflow to the coil. Without enough warm air- from the house- going over the coil, it can freeze before the condensed water can be drained. 

Solution: Check air filters and change them if need be because the dirt can block airflow. Also check that the air registers are open and clear so that air can move freely. 

Cause: Low refrigerant, leading to the system trying to cool the air with no way to do so and makes the coils too cold. 

Solution: Refill refrigerant to proper levels- it is best to have a certified AC technician service the unit.

Cause: A faulty thermostat could be telling the AC unit to run constantly, which can lower the temperature of the condenser to below freezing.

Solution: Have your thermostat reset or recalibrated in order to properly register the temperature in the room and communicate it to the AC unit. 

Cause: Blocked drains that prevent the liquid water to drain outside, frozen coils themselves can block the drain or debris. This can lead to significant damage to the compressor.

Solution: Clear the drainpipe of any blockages, if you have a window AC, you may be able to thaw the coil yourself, but if you have an exterior AC unit, be sure to call Wentzel’s ,your Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist. 

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