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What are Water Cooled Air Conditioning Systems?

Water Cooled Air Conditioning Chillers
air-cooled chillers and piping system in new building factory rooftop with blue sky background

The most popular and cost effective unit for condominiums and apartment buildings is known as a water-cooled or chiller boiler system. This type of HVAC system combines the chiller, boiler, pumps and controls into a single package for simple installation and maintenance. Instead of each unit having its own heat pump a water cooled system has a cooling tower which cools water that serves all units in a building. Water Cooled Air Conditioning is most common in condominiums, office buildings and industrial facilities.

How Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems Work

Instead of circulating air through 18 inch air ducts, chilled water is circulated through one inch pipes, which fit easily into very tight spaces. Chilled water is circulated through a water coil equipped air handler to cool the living space, and at the same time heat is absorbed from the air and is pumped outside for removal. Sometimes water-cooled AC systems are referred to as AIR Cooled AC systems, because the chillers are in fact cooled by the air. A roof mounted chiller or a cooling tower lowers the water temperature around 10 degrees, before the cooled water is pumped back in to the distribution lines. One of the main advantages to a water-cooled air conditioning system is that the system will never freeze up like a conventional home HVAC system and the other advantage is that it is very efficient.

Water-Cooled Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Maintenance and inspection of water cooled systems is critical because the cooling tower is mounted on the roof and holds thousands of gallons of water. If something goes wrong you could have a very big problem. We inspect water cooled air conditioning systems every six months to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

In the case of a problem, property managers in Sarasota and Manatee counties appreciate Wentzel’s reliable 24 hour emergency service to get the system back on line as quickly as possible keeping condominium and apartment building residents comfortable and happy year round.

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