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Summer Savings Start at Home

Young Business Woman Uses Money As A FanAs all Floridians know, cranking up the AC during the summer feels great… until you get your electrical bill.

Between extreme temperatures and more people being at home during the day, summer comforts can come at a high price.

Here are a few things you can change around the house to reduce your energy bill.

Turn off the AC (when you can)

While it’s nice to come home to a cool house, it is important to at least adjust the temperature when you leave. Even better, get a programmable thermostat from Wentzel’s Heating & Air! We install them all the time! It will automatically adjust the temperature of the whole house when no one is home and based on how much you use during that time of day. You can also set a schedule for the AC to turn on just before you arrive home and off when you will be out for a few hours.

You can save energy while you’re sleeping too! If you have fans to keep you cool while you’re sleeping, you use less air conditioning at night and save.

Check your Home’s Insulation

Make sure the air conditioning you’re using stays inside the house! To make sure there’s no air leaks follow our tips for checking your insulation. To go even further, you should make sure you’re using the most effective insulation for your house and location.

Clean the Air Conditioner and Vents

Follow our tips for checking your AC vents. Cleaning your air conditioning system can maximize its efficiency, cool the house faster, and lower your energy costs!

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re willing to invest upfront, ENERGY STAR appliances can save you a lot in the long run. These appliances utilize less water and less electricity and can reduce costs on the most expensive parts of your home.

Use Curtains or Tinting on your Windows

Blocking out the sun can lower the temperatures in your house without turning on the AC or a single fan. Black-out curtains can reduce heat gain by up to 33%. Adding window tinting to your home windows can have the same cooling effect it has in your car and comes at a fraction of the price.

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