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Ring in Spring with a Clean Air Conditioner

bryant central air conditioner (heat pump)When starting your spring cleaning, Remember your Air Conditioner! We offer the following easy tips for getting your AC ready to take on the summer heat:

  1. When switching from heating to cooling, the outside unit can become taxed especially if the coil is cluttered. Be sure to remove any leaves or other debris that has collected in the outdoor coils while getting your system ready for the summer.
  2. Be sure all the outdoor panels are still in place. Some can fall off or become damaged during the winter season, and it is important to have them intact before running your system. If a panel is loose and you have a UV Light do not stare. It can burn your retina. Ask us to send an AC technician to check on things.
  3. When tending to your landscaping, be sure not to over mulch the area surrounding the outdoor unit. The base should also be kept clear of long grass to allow proper airflow through the unit.
  4. Make sure any pest barriers are intact. Typically Wire mesh is used to keep pests out of the condensing unit.
  5. If you covered the outdoor coil in any way during the winter, you will need to remove the cover before the next season starts.This is especially important to prevent damage to your system.
  6. Be sure to change your air filters! Now is a great time to change out your indoor air filters before you get ready to blast the AC. This will limit wear on the system as well as limit the amount of dust in the air.
  7. Perform a “test run” of your system on a warm day. Turn on your air conditioning and ensure cool air is coming through the indoor vents and keep checking periodically throughout the day. If everything is not working properly, turn off the AC, recheck the outdoor unit, and try again. If you have followed all the above tips and still do not feel any cool air coming through the vents, then call a professional. Wentzel’s Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical & Insulation is always happy to help!

Bonus tip: If you really feel like springing for a fancy gadget, buy a programmable thermostat. Our Air Conditioning Technicians are trained and certified and will provide a compatible unit and install it for you. These thermostats allow you to better regulate the temperature when you’re not home! This is a great way to prep for summer temperatures as well as summer vacations!

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