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When to Use a Ductless System

Wall Mounted Mini Split Air ConditionerWentzel’s is proud to offer and install mini split ductless air conditioning systems. Ductless systems offer a way to cool rooms, homes, and offices without the bulk of a traditional system or noise of a window unit. 

Benefits of Ductless (Mini-Split Systems)

  • Efficient: Without the ducts, the unit is only trying to cool one area rather than bring down the temperature of the entire house.
  • Environmentally Friendly: these systems use less energy because they are not constantly starting a large compressor. They focus the energy on cooling a small area rather than wasting any within the ducts
  • Less Expensive: Save up to 30% on monthly cooling costs. The units are also much cheaper to install than a new HVAC system. They can save money upfront and over time.

Drawbacks of Ductless (Mini-Split Systems)

  • Rely Heavily on Electronics: Mini-split systems have expensive circuit boards which can fail. Parts can be expensive. If you do get a ductless system be sure it comes with a solid warranty and that it is an established company so you know parts will always be available.

When Ductless Mini-Split Systems Make Sense

Ductless systems make sense in certain scenarios where a traditional air conditioner is impractical or inefficient. 

  • Single Room Conditioning: If you are primarily cooling one closed room or office then a ductless unit will provide all the air conditioning needed without wasting any energy throughout the rest of the building. 
  • Home or Building with No Ducting: Installing ducting in an existing structure is a large and expensive undertaking. A multi-zone system is more cost-effective to install and operate. An older building may not be adaptable to a traditional HVAC system, but a ductless system can be added almost anywhere. 
  • Creating Temperature Zones: A multi-zone ductless system allows users to set each area of the home or office to their own preferences without impacting the temperature of the other rooms. Whether it’s teenagers fighting over the thermostat or departments that want to control their own temperature, multi-zone ductless systems can provide comfort for everyone. 
  • Unused Rooms: One of the greatest drawbacks to a whole-house system is that it cools rooms that you may not be using. If a guest room or an entire floor in a house is not used frequently, it is utilizing energy that could be saved or distributed elsewhere. If some rooms in a home or office are unused, a ductless system could save energy costs. 
  • Additions: If the main areas of a home are under an HVAC system, it may not be cost-effective to run ducting into a new addition. A ductless air conditioner would allow the add-on to be air conditioned without disrupting the existing system. 

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