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What’s Hot in Today’s Heating Systems

Tankless Water HeaterWentzel’s knows that keeping a home warm goes beyond your home’s heating system. New innovations have brought heating luxuries into the homes of many.

Tankless Water Heaters

Want to heat your water in a fraction of the time? It may be time to upgrade to a tankless water heater. This former rarity is now a trending choice for many homeowners. Tankless heaters heat water directly without a storage tank and use a gas or electric element to heat water on demand. In the past Tankless heaters had to be gas to be efficient enough at heating the water. Today, electric models are a wise choice. To power the tankless water heater you might need to change or upgrade your electrical system. In Florida, the water isn’t as cold to begin with so a Tankless heater doesn’t have to work so hard to bring the temperature up. Over time tankless heaters will save you money!

Radiant Floor Heating

Rather than heating the air, the room can be heated with electric wires or liquid-filled pipes running under the flooring. This heats the room from the ground up and eliminates swings in temperature. Floor heating not only feels nice on your feet, but can also increase energy efficiency by up to 30 percent. While it can be done as a retrofit to a flooring system it is most often done in new construction homes. A radiant heating system will reduce usage of your heat pump in winter.

Ductless Heating Systems

These systems allow for heating zones that eliminates some of the inefficiencies of a centralized system. Each unit has heated refrigerant pumped directly to it based on its own wireless electronic temperature controlled system.

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

As the name suggests, these heating pumps utilize a combination of electric and gas heat. When the temperature nears freezing, the pump will use gas heat to maximize efficiency, but when it is warmer it will rely on electricity. This will be more efficient and cost-effective over time. NOTE: This is not typical in Florida.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal pumps are heated through an underground looped pipe that absorbs the heat directly from the ground. This system provides free hot water and saves energy cost over time, but does have a substantial initial investment. NOTE: This is not typical in Florida.

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