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The Importance of Insulation

Worker Spraying Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation On A Home That Was Flooded By Hurricane HarveyMany people believe that insulation is meant to keep their house warm during the winter, but it is actually the most effective days to keep a home cool during the summer months. Insulation keeps the cooler air inside your home and the hot, humid air outside.

Imagine if all the air conditioning you were using to cool your house was leaking out through the walls. That could be exactly what’s happening if your insulation is old, flat, or damaged. The problem is exponentially worse in older homes with spaces that could need all new insulation or have no insulation at all.

Even if your insulation does not need to be replaced, it could need to be supplemented. Water damage, mold, and punctures can all make batt insulation less effective. Loose-fill insulation can settle over time and leave room for air leaks, while spray foam insulation may settle after a year and need to be reapplied.

Roof tiles and shingles can absorb a significant amount of heat during hot summer days and without proper insulation, the heat will transfer through the attic and into the house. Attic insulation is crucial to keeping your house cool, especially if you have a second story.

If your house is properly insulated, your air conditioner will not have to work harder to keep the house cool because none of the cool air will be escaping and the hot, humid air will not be flowing into the house.

Many older houses don’t have any insulation above the garage even though the garage is attached to the house. Adding blown insulation above the garage makes a big difference in temperature, comfort and saves you money. This a very affordable way to make a difference.

Having a properly insulated home will help keep you comfortable and your energy bills low. For a consultation on the quality of your insulation and installation needs, please call Wentzel’s Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical, & Insulation. The Wentzel’s team offers professional installation on spray foam, blown, and batt insulation.

Enjoy your summer and stay cool in a properly insulated home!

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