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Spring Break in Sarasota Florida

Siesta Key BeachOne person begs for white sand between their toes and the sunny beach, another craves culture, art, food, and the other wants nothing but to hear the swoosh of their fishing line as it drops into the deep blue waters.

It’s the spring break drill. Everyone is trying to agree on the perfect destination that satisfies everyone’s needs. A place where the weather is an average 77 degrees, there are a variety of attractions and the white-sand beaches are picturesque.

This place does exist and the professionals at Wentzel’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical call it home. Welcome to Sarasota, Florida. A beautiful place, nestled on Florida’s sunny gulf coast, with ample warm weather. A getaway on a dreamy stretch of paradise.


If you have planned your trip to Sarasota, Florida, for spring break this year, one of the first things you should do is head to the beach. Siesta Key Beach is one of our all-time favorite beaches. You arrive at Siesta Key beach and step onto the powdery white sand and into brilliant turquoise waters. It is the ideal gulf coast destination for beach lovers. Lido Key’s beach is another amazing beach and offers shaded picnic areas. Siesta Key is known for its Crescent and Turtle beaches, each with their own unique style and personality. There are many beaches around Sarasota, so we are certain you will find the perfect one for you, your family and all of your beach activities.


If you are looking for a bit of excitement while visiting Sarasota Florida, try kayaking or renting a jet ski. If you go parasailing, you will soar high above the beaches and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. The waterways around Sarasota are natural habitats for dolphins and manatees. While out on the water keep your eyes open to spot one of these amazing creatures being themselves in nature!

Culture, Art, History

When you need a break from all the sunshine, wildlife, and white sand between your toes, you can always take in some of the rich culture and art that Sarasota, Florida, has to offer. Take yourself back to your childhood and view all your circus dreams at the Ringling Circus Museum, named for John Ringling, of circus fame. At this interactive museum, you can squeeze into a clown car and examine circus artifacts throughout the history of the American circus. Sarasota is known as the “Cultural Capital of Florida”. This one of a kind city is filled with esteemed museums, theaters, musical venues and awe-inspiring Mediterranean architecture. It will keep you fascinated and offer a one of a kind cultural experience for everyone.


Florida is a fisherman’s paradise. Whether offshore, on shore, in the gulf, or the bays, the fish are always biting. Sarasota is blessed with several amazing places to drop a line and enjoy some scenery while you wait (which won’t be long). If you are new to the area and not familiar with Sarasota waters, we recommend hiring a professional to take you on a tour to the best places to fish in the area.

Sarasota, Florida has so much to offer. From gorgeous beaches to fascinating museums and unique art to parasailing adventures, there’s so much to do in Sarasota.

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