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How to Make Your Remodel or Addition go Smoothly

Taking on a remodel or addition can be overwhelming, especially when unexpected challenges arise. To ensure your project goes smoothly, hire a licensed electrician to oversee and conduct all electrical work. Hiring an experienced electrician at the beginning of a major project can save a lot of headache later on.

Electrical tools and components

Licensed electricians utilize their expertise to:

  1. Do it right the first time: Whether the safety codes have changed or the addition requires additional circuits, a licensed electrician will wire the project correctly the first time. It is always better to start with a professionally completed job than to need to fix a failed attempt.
  2. Keep you safe now and in the future: Electrical work can be complicated and dangerous, especially if you are unfamiliar with the equipment. Failing to shut off the correct breaker can cause a shock now and a faulty connection could lead to a fire later. Know you are protected long after the last light bulb is in place and hire an electrician from the start.
  3. Pull a Permit when it is required: Our Electricians know when a permit is required. Having a permit for your electrical project will serve you well when you need to sell your house. Failure to get a permit can haunt you.
  4. Upgrade or install new circuits: If your remodel includes new appliances such as a subzero freezer, over the stove microwave, or a high-end range, they will likely require dedicated electrical circuits which will need to be professionally installed. An addition will also require new circuits and wiring to service the entire area.
  5. Suggest fresh ideas and determine appropriate equipment: Would you like heated bathroom floors? How about outlets with USB ports? There are new options available all the time and it is a professional’s job to stay updated on them. An electrician can provide you with all the information on any new tech or equipment that may suit your space.

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