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Why You Should Consider Whole House Surge Protection

Summer LightningWhat is it?

Do I need it?

Is it worth it?

Let’s talk about surges. After all, if we don’t know what they are, we don’t know why we need protection from them! A surge is a quick, but large spike in your home’s electrical current. Although brief (usually too quick to even clock), surges can cause costly damage to your home, appliances, and electronics. Surges can occur from both inside and out of your home. In some cases, such as the ones we create ourselves just by using appliances throughout the day, the surges can be minor, but even an internal surge from switching on a fan or light can cause some damage.

One of the most common external reasons for electrical surges are lightning. Whether you live in Florida, the lightning capital of the United States, or anywhere that is known for its storms and weather, you’ve most likely experienced surges on some level. If your home is ever struck by lightning, a tree hits a power line or a nearby transformer blows, brace yourself. A surge of that magnitude can easily damage the entire electrical system and all of the electronics in your home in under a second. Newer appliances have costly circuit boards that are often destroyed by a power surge. Just think how frustrated we get when our computer goes out for just a minute or two. Now multiply that by everything in your home. That’s one expensive zap!

Whole house surge protection is a safe, preventative measure to protect your appliances, electronics, and electrical system from costly and potentially dangerous damage. Having a whole house surge protector as a part of the main panel in your home acts as a gatekeeper of electricity. It essentially allows the necessary electrical currents to reach your power outlets and lighting while suppressing any large spikes which cause damage. This not only helps keep your home running smoothly during storms, but protects those costly electronics from irreparable damage! Adding surge protection to the main panel of your home also gives you the benefit and peace of mind of having everything in your entire house protected.

The cost of adding a whole home surge protector is very reasonable and pays for itself in the cost of just one of your family’s electronic devices. Even if you never experience an external surge that essential fries the electrical system of your home (and we hope you don’t), internal surges still occur in every home up to hundreds of times a day. Although these surges are smaller, they do cause damage over time and can cause circuit boards to fail. At Wentzel’s, our team of professionally trained electricians are ready and able to install a whole home surge protector in your home. For more information, contact our electrical division today or call 941-924-8120.

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